Client Testimonials #1 Peg Nabetler

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Dear Larry:
We are writing to thank you for the excellent experience that we had working with on fixing our foundation problems. I’m sure you haven’t received many letters including “excellent experience” and “foundation problems” in the same sentence but that’s what happened for us. From reading your ad in the Yellow Pages to visiting your wonderfully helpful and informative website to meeting with you when you did the estimate through completing the job, we were treated with respect; provided with helpful information; dealt with courteous, helpful workers; and had all of our questions answered.
We thought the bid price was very reasonable given the work that we needed to have done and believe that we got the best of the bargain, due to the professional quality work that we received. We Feel completely comfortable  that all of our foundation problems were resolved and that we will not have to worry about having problems with them in the future.
We want to particularly emphasize that everyone we dealt with was incredibly helpful, courteous, conscientious, hard -working, went over and above what was called for in the bid, and made sure that we had a perfect experience from beginning to end. The workers were always friendly and we were particularly impressed with how careful the were with our property and how thoroughly they cleaned up when the job was done.
We have recommended you to many friends already and would be happy to provide references for anyone who is wondering whether to hire your firm. You and the people who work for you are the kind of people who give contractors a good name. Thanks again for all your help in caring for our property.
Peg Nabetler


Client Testimonials #5 Mr. Davis

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Hi Mr. Davis:

We happened to drive by your house on Collier and noticed that one of our competitors was performing work there.

If it’s not too much trouble, would you be so kind as to let us know what we could have done to earn your business?

We are always looking for ways to improve out services so that more work comes our way!

Thanks so much,

“Competitor A”*

*(Name Changed)

-At the start of the job-

Dear “Competitor A”

Choosing Larry Teves at Craftsman was a long process for me.  I received bids from you, “Competitor B” and Larry as well as a couple of general contractors. When discussing the job with the general contractors who weren’t specialists, it became clear that the job was not something I wanted to give to someone who had not done this before.  

Once I settled on going with a company with a lot of foundation experience, choosing became a chore because there really are a lot of companies in the area that do a lot of this work.  As you know, there are tons of houses in the area with 90 year old, bad foundations.  The houses that people want to save get done.

A couple of people I know used Craftsman before.  They were happy with the work and the scheduling.  That wasn’t enough for me to choose them.

Larry was the only one of the three I settled on who spent a lot of time talking to me about the specifics of the project.  I told every one of the contractors that I’ve done some major projects myself.  While that was true, I didn’t have a sense of how detailed this job would be.  I probably spent an hour on the phone with Larry over two weeks and met with him at the house for an hour before it dawned on me that this was a job that I couldn’t be the General on because I didn’t have the know-how.  But beyond that, Larry told me in great detail how the project would be completed.  He told me how they leveled the floors.  How they supported the structure throughout.  When I could do interior plaster work.  Larry also came up with a lot of paint and trim ideas.  He really is enthusiastic about the whole rehab as a project and not just the foundation job.  Over the last three weeks I’ve met with him a number of times and his enthusiasm continues – he’s got good ideas as the total rehab goes forward.  

“Competitor A” and “Competitor B” showed up and gave me written bids.  When I asked specifics, I didn’t get specific answers.  I got general answers.  Like I asked “How can you take the stem wall out without dropping the house?”  Your answer, while 100% true, didn’t tell me anything.  You said, “We will support it.” That didn’t give me a picture of how that would be done – on jacks, beams and a crane?  I didn’t know.  I had to see the project clearly both to convince myself that I couldn’t orchestrate it myself and to convince myself that I had a contractor who really understood what I wanted out of the project.  

Both “Competitor A” and “Competitor B” told me that leveling would be iffy.  I read a lot of stuff on the Internet that talked about crowning floors and how hard it would be to level an old house.  I brought that up with you and “Competitor B” and both told me that it might not be as level as I wanted it.  Larry, on the other hand, expressed a lot of confidence and again, he told me HOW he combats crowning, if there is any, and said that he can usually get a floor pretty darned level.  The initial leveling has been very good, even as they move the jacks around while framing.  I understand there’s no guarantee on level and that the house will shift while I live in it.  But there was a lot more confidence that I’d be happy with the leveling from Larry.

I checked out all the contractors with BBB and other means before I asked for bids.  I was confident that everyone I got bids from was competent.  

But the reason I picked Craftsman/Teves was that his attitude and helpfulness on the whole house rehab was much more inclusive.  As the project progresses, I’m more convinced that picking him as the contractor was the right choice for me.

Sincerely, Mr. Davis


Client Testimonials #4 Deb R

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C From Yelp:

1. These guys get 5 stars from me, and they haven’t even done any work for me! I have an old house (1926) and it shifts and this year I was starting to notice a few more cracks on the inside. Worried that I was having foundation problems, I called Craftsman Foundations. Larry was great…spend 20 minutes on the phone with me explaining how old houses settle and that I probably had nothing to be concerned about. Then he came out and spent another 30 minutes or so examining the house and letting me know how to keep from having foundation problems! No charge for this…they are sending me an estimate for some small repairs (thankfully not the entire foundation!). So it turns out just to be cosmetic..Nothing a little spackle and some paint wont repair. YAY!

-Deb R
San Diego

Client Testimonials #3 Andy Weld

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Hi Larry-

I hope this note finds you well.
This note certainly is a long time coming, but i want to take the time to thank you for your efforts on our house in December.
Throughout the whole process, you and your guys were a pleasure to work with. Your guys were clean and neat around the house and did a job dealing the distraction from the kids. 
We also were quite happy with your willingness to respond to our little issue a few weeks ago. That speaks to your professionalism and your desire to please the customer. It is much appreciated.

Hope business continues to go well for you.

Thanks again.
Andy Weld



Client Testimonials #2 Dr. Payne Professor, San Diego State University

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It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Teves Construction Company…
Teves Construction Company is a personable, ethical, and trustworthy company that offers prompt, quality work with excellent clean up, going beyond the norm in service to attend to the customers needs and requests. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, as they are truly over and above in their field of work.
Dr. Payne                                                                                   
Professor, San Diego State University